The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) takes the health and wellness of its employees, stakeholders, and the public seriously.

In light of global developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, additional actions have been taken by the BCUC to respond to the outbreak.

In accordance with the Provincial Heath Officer's Step 3 of the BC Restart Plan, the BCUC has implemented it's Phase 3 - Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. Communicable disease prevention focuses on basic risk reduction principals to minimize the risk of workplace transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. During this phase, the BCUC may resume some in-person activities, such as workshops or hearings related to proceedings.

We continue to work with regulated entities, stakeholders, industry associations and the BC government to determine the appropriate path forward. The following is a summary of the work we have done to date.

This list includes all BCUC direction provided to regulated entities regarding their activities during this time.

Date Regulated Entity Document
February 26, 2021 ICBC G-55-21 – Approval of ICBC’s COVID-19 Basic Insurance Rebate
October 13, 2020 Gas Marketers L-61-20: Declaration to resume door-to-door sales and quarterly reporting
August 14, 2020 Creative Energy G-214-20: Approval of Creative Energy’s application to Establish a COVID-19 Deferral Account
August 13, 2020 Gas Marketers L-51-20: Invitation to file protocols to resume door to door sales
July 29, 2020 BC Hydro R-14-20: Approval of MRS NERC COVID-19 Compliance Response
July 21, 2020 Nelson Hydro G-197-20: Approval of Nelson Hydro’s COVID-19 Relief Program
July 17, 2020 ICBC G-192-20: Approval of ICBC's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
June 30, 2020 Corix G-176-20: Approval of Corix Tariff Changes due to COVID-19
June 25, 2020 BC Hydro G-173-20: Approval of BC Hydro COVID-19 Customer Relief Program Extension
June 17, 2020 All Regulated Entities L-33-20: BCUC Letter regarding disconnection restrictions
June 10, 2020 PNG N.E. G-147-20: Approval of PNG NE COVID-19 Deferral Account
June 10, 2020 PNG West G-146-20: Approval of PNG West COVID-19 Deferral Account
June 05, 2020 BC Hydro G-139-20: Approval of BC Hydro COVID-19 residential rate relief for renters
June 05, 2020 Nelson Hydro G-138-20: Interim approval of COVID-19 Relief Program
June 02, 2020 FortisBC Inc G-133-20: Approval of COVID-19 Customer Recovery Fund Deferral Account
June 02, 2020 FortisBC Energy Inc G-132-20: Approval of COVID-19 Customer Recovery Fund Deferral Account
June 02, 2020 FortisBC G-131-20: Dismissal of Shadrack Reconsideration Application regarding decision of FortisBC COVID-19 Customer Recovery Fund Deferral Account
May 21, 2020 Gas Marketers L-29-20: Update regarding suspension of door to door sales
April 29, 2020 FortisBC Inc. G-99-20: Approval to increase borrowing capacity, issue common shares and unsecured debentures due to COVID-19
April 29, 2020 FortisBC Energy Inc. G-100-20: Approval to increase borrowing capacity and issue common shares due to COVID-19
April 29, 2020 Corix G-98-20: Interim Approval of Corix’s Application in response to COVID-19
April 22, 2020 ICBC G-92-20: Interim approval of ICBC’s Application in response to COVID-19
April 7, 2020 BC Hydro G-79-20: Approval of BC Hydro’s COVID-19 Customer Relief Program
April 7, 2020 FortisBC Inc. G-80-20: Interim approval of FortisBC Inc’s COVID-19 Customer Recovery Fund Deferral Account
April 7, 2020 FortisBC Energy Inc. G-81-20: Interim approval of FortisBC Energy Inc’s COVID-19 Customer Recovery Fund Deferral Account
April 1, 2020 BC Hydro BCUC request to BC Hydro regarding Site C impact & risk mitigation
March 31, 2020 All Regulated Entities L-20-20: BCUC direction regarding estimated meter readings
March 27, 2020 All Regulated Entities L-16-20: BCUC letter regarding assistance to utilities
March 26, 2020 FortisBC Energy Inc. G-64-20: Defer the gas cost rate increases for Revelstoke and the Fort Nelson Service Area due to COVID-19
March 23, 2020 ICBC L-14-20: BCUC request to ICBC to assist customers
March 20, 2020 All Regulated Entities L-13-20: BCUC direction regarding suspending disconnections
March 20, 2020 MRS Entities L-11-20: BCUC direction regarding compliance with mandatory reliability standards
March 18, 2020 Gas Marketers L-10-20: BCUC direction Gas Marketers to cease door to door sales & marketing

The timetables for the following proceedings were initially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the proceeding pages for further details on these items, as some may have resumed.

Date Issued Proceeding BCUC Order
April 22, 2020 TES Guidelines Review Exhibit A-10 Postponing the workshops to September 22 and 23
March 17, 2020 Municipal Energy Utilities Inquiry Exhibit A-9 Adjourning the regulatory timetable until further notice
March 17, 2020 BCUC Review of BC Hydro PBR Report Exhibit A-6 Cancelling the workshop
March 16, 2020 TES Guidelines Review Exhibit A-8 Postponing the workshops to Mary 12 and 13
March 12, 2020 BC Hydro Transmission Service Market Reference Priced Rates Exhibit A-6 Cancelling the SRP

The following list includes links to regulated entities’ responses to COVID-19. Some of these resources may no longer be available.