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Submit a Letter of Comment

We encourage individuals, organizations, and groups to participate in our processes by submitting a Letter of Comment. Fill out the form below to share your views, opinions, and insights about an application or matter under review by the BCUC. The BCUC panel reviews Letters of Comment before making its final decision.

A Letter of Comment becomes part of the public evidentiary record and is posted to the proceeding page on our website, along with the author’s name. This is in accordance with the BCUC’s Rules of Practice and Procedure. All personal contact information provided on this page, aside from the author’s name, is removed before posting to our website. Items with an * are required fields.

Please specify the reasons for your interest in the proceeding, your views concerning the proceeding, any relevant information that supports or explains your views, the conclusion you support and any recommendations. The BCUC may disallow comments that do not comply with the Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Please attach any supporting documents to this form when you submit it to the BCUC.

Submit Form

To submit your Letter of Comment to the BCUC, please use the contact information at the top of this page to email, mail, or fax it to the BCUC. Please remember to include all supporting documents with this form.