Participate in a Proceeding – Interested Party


Register as an Interested Party

A person or organization who is interested in an application but who does not wish to become actively involved in the hearing can register online as an interested party. Interested parties receive immediate automated electronic notification of all public evidence filed by parties for the Commission's consideration. Interested Parties cannot participate in the hearing for example, by questioning evidence or cross-examining witnesses. At this time, registering as an interested party is only available to those who have Internet access.

Interested Parties and Letters of Comment

Although interested parties cannot participate in a hearing, they are permitted to submit letters of comment. Letters of comment must be received by the Commission before the close of the evidentiary record. If an interested party wishes to file a letter of comment, they must complete a Letter of Comment Form and submit it online or via e-mail. Letters of comment submitted by interested parties must conform to all requirements of standard letters of comment, and are not automatically afforded more weight by the Commission than letters of comment submitted by persons who are not parties to the hearing. Information on letters of comment can be found here Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Electronic Registration

To become an interested party, a person must register online using the registration form page. If you have registered to participate in a hearing in the past twelve (12) months, please send an email stating your username and the name of the proceeding which you are interested in to After twelve (12) months of inactivity the username will be deleted.

To unsubscribe, please email a completed Request to Change Party's Preferences Form. Currently, it is not possible to only receive notification of the decision of a hearing. All decisions are posted on the Commission's website as well as on Twitter @BCUtilitiesCom.

Online registration form page

Use of Personal Information

Please note that when participating in a matter before the BC Utilities Commission, the collection and publication of your personal information is authorized under sections 26(c) and 33.1(r)(ii) and (iii) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purpose of participating in a public proceeding.

If you have any questions regarding the Commission's collection and/or disclosure of personal information please contact the Commission Secretary via e-mail at, or via mail at 900 Howe Street, Suite 410, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2N3.