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Last Updated: 08/10/2021 19:45 PST

Web Filing: Functional

Forms: Functional

Downloads: Reduced Functionality

Reduced Functionality to Downloads

On Monday, Oct 4, 2021 we launched a refreshed version of Unfortunately, the launch did not go exactly as planned, and we are experiencing technical difficulties accessing documents through our website. We apologize for any inconvenience this has or may cause and appreciate your patience during this time. We have now restored access to documents that relate to current proceedings and are continuing our efforts to restore historical proceeding documents as quickly as possible. We expect that these files will become available gradually beginning on Tuesday. Please note that web filing, and access to our Orders & Decisions is still available.

In light of these circumstances, the BCUC grants a filing extension until Friday, October 15, 2021 for all proceedings in progress. This action supersedes any previous orders regarding extensions issued this week.

If you are unable to access any documents that you require, please contact Commission Secretary.