Safety Analyst - Energy Supply, Compliance, & Mandatory Reliability Standards

The BCUC might be unlike any other place you’ve worked before. We are unique in that our environment is structured yet dynamic, formal yet fun, and our work is highly collaborative yet also requires a tremendous amount of individual focus. Our team is filled with intelligent and passionate doers who demonstrate maturity, humility, and resourcefulness.

More about the BCUC: Our organization is an independent agency of the provincial government that is responsible for regulating energy utilities within the province, its compulsory automobile insurance rates and tolls related to intra-provincial pipelines. We work hard to ensure British Columbians get fair value for safe and reliable energy services and basic automobile insurance rates. While protecting the ratepayer and the public interest, we afford the entities that we regulate a reasonable opportunity to earn a fair return on their capital investments and in the case of compulsory insurance, ensure that costs are recovered and that there is adequate financial capacity to pay claims.

In the role of Safety Analyst, you will be responsible for the provision of professional technical analysis as it pertains to the general and specific safety practices and policies of BCUC-regulated entities. You will provide regulatory and policy expertise to support the BCUC’s mandate with regards to safety in relation to utility operations. With jurisdiction determined by the Utilities Commission Act, you may be required to examine practices and polices related to a variety of safety subcategories including the safety of physical assets, public safety, and internal safety practices. Working within multi-disciplinary teams in a project-oriented environment, you will provide technical analysis to facilitate the review and support of the adjudication of the BCUC’s decision-making process. You will ensure standards of procedural fairness for all stakeholders, and the economic prudency of operating and capital expenditures as well as the reliability of the province’s energy service.

If you have extensive experience and knowledge as it pertains to safety policies and practices in the utility industry, then apply for our vacancy today! This role will provide you the opportunity to utilize your expertise in an impactful way and make a difference in British Columbia.


  • Review utility operational plans around safety including emergency responses, mitigation, standard adoption, development and implementation of internal/external policies and practices around safety;
  • Manage the processing of increasingly complex applications filed by regulated entities and support the development and implementation of operational policies related to electricity and natural gas applications;
  • Engage in critical reading of filed evidence and communicate issues verbally and/or in written form to the team, Project Manager, and Commissioners;
  • Review and analyze evidence submitted by the regulated entities;
  • Gather and review the evidentiary record, assure the record is cohesive, and materials are logical, with all connecting factors and that implications have been explored such that the need for the requests in an application are justified to support the Panel’s decision making;
  • Identify key issues, prepare information requests, compile critical material to ensure the completeness of the necessary evidence, and identify appropriate information for consideration;
  • Provide technical consultation and insight relative to evidence;
  • Prepare issue summaries to support the Panel’s deliberations;
  • Provide technical analysis on issues as assigned and support for the procedural process;
  • Collaborate and work with other members of the Project Team, as assigned;
  • Attend project meetings and provide support to the Project Team as needed;
  • Prepare draft components of decision documents and orders, within established timeframes;
  • Perform other duties to support the review and advancement of the project, as requested.
  • Use established knowledge of the regulatory framework and specific regulatory processes to effectively manage the administrative procedures for oral and written hearings and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), including the establishment of draft and final regulatory timetables, information requests, responses, issues lists, and all other correspondence; draft orders; advise on time constraints related to delayed filings, etc.;
  • Compile records and prepare initial and cross-examination questions for the BCUC’s legal representation to ensure the inclusiveness of all evidence; draft Participant Assistance/Cost Awards (PACA) orders; draft and/or validate technical details of final drafts for Commissioners;
  • Direct and coordinate work for assigned staff and consultants retained for a specific project;
  • Collaborate closely with the Project Manager to ensure an appropriate and reasonable regulatory review process;
  • Manage participant involvement in hearings and other proceedings.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Information Technology, Public Administration or related field; if an undergraduate degree has not been obtained, certifications and additional years of work experience may be considered;
  • A professional designation or other relevant accreditation is considered an asset;
  • Expertise in CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and safety policies and practices paired with working knowledge of other regulatory bodies (WCB, EMBC, Oil & Gas Commission etc.);
  • Knowledge of safety standards and relevant organizations with a responsibility to ensure safety with regards to electrical and/or natural gas utilities;
  • 8+ years of applicable/relevant experience in a relevant position;
  • Demonstrated experience advancing within organizations;
  • Utility experience (electric, gas or thermal);
  • Experience preparing or analyzing applications or other documents for a regulatory body;
  • Experience analyzing large amounts of data and converting analysis into quantitative and qualitative information to aid in the decision-making process;
  • Previous experience reviewing and/or preparing regulatory applications is considered an asset; clarifying and identifying key issues; handling large amounts of information and evidence to support business decisions;
  • Demonstrated understanding of different regulatory review processes is considered an asset;
  • Experience in an adjudicative process is an asset;
  • General knowledge of practices associated with natural gas and electricity utilities, including generation, transmission, and distribution of energy;
  • Knowledge of the principles of project management;
  • Knowledge of negotiation principles;
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of regulatory hearings and procedural fairness is considered an asset;
  • Knowledge of current cyber security practices is considered an asset;
  • Excellent written and oral communication, presentation/facilitation and interpersonal skills;
  • Strong office software skills (Excel/Word/PowerPoint/Outlook);
  • Analytical thinking and sound judgement to effectively solve problems;
  • Ability to work well in a non-hierarchical, matrix team structure;
  • Ability to develop and maintain professional relationships with colleagues and stakeholders in a quasi-judicial/regulatory environment;
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and projects and produce results;
  • Ability to communicate complex matters in lay terms to various stakeholders;
  • Ability to link BCUC Business Plan and concepts to daily work.