Who We Are

The BCUC is an independent agency of the Government of British Columbia that is responsible for regulating BC’s energy utilities, the Insurance Corporation of BC’s compulsory automobile insurance rates, intra-provincial pipelines and the reliability of the electrical transmission grid. We work hard to ensure British Columbians get value from their utilities with safe, reliable energy services and fair energy and basic auto insurance rates, while ensuring the entities we regulate have the opportunity to earn a fair return on their capital investments.

The BCUC is governed by the Utilities Commission Act and has specific responsibilities under the Administrative Tribunals Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. We consider all relevant legislation and regulations, as well as government policies and the business environment of regulated companies.

As a quasi-judicial entity, we make legally-binding decisions. We take our responsibilities to the public and to the companies we regulate seriously and work to maintain processes that are fair, transparent and inclusive. The BCUC values input from British Columbians, and we are committed to issuing well-reasoned, evidence-based decisions.

The BCUC has been self-funded since 1988. Its costs are recovered primarily through a levy on the businesses it regulates.