The BCUC is an independent regulatory agency of the Government of British Columbia.

We are primarily governed by the Utilities Commission Act, and follows sections of the Clean Energy Act, Administrative Tribunals Act, Insurance Corporation Act and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The BCUC also administers BC's Fuel Price Transparency Act.

To be a trusted and respected regulator that contributes to the well‐being and long‐term interests of all British Columbians.

We regulate BC's energy utilities, ICBC's universal compulsory automobile insurance, common carrier pipeline operations and rates, and the reliability of the electrical transmission grid. We are also the Administrator of BC's Fuel Price Transparency Act.

We ensure that energy utility ratepayers receive safe, reliable and non-discriminatory energy services at just and reasonable rates, and that the shareholders of those utilities are afforded a reasonable opportunity to earn a fair return on their invested capital.

We ensure that ICBC's universal compulsory automobile insurance rates are set in an adequate, efficient, just, and reasonable manner.

We collect and publish information about gasoline and diesel fuel activities in BC to promote competitiveness, and public confidence in the competitiveness of the fuel market.

  • Accessibility

    We facilitate fair, transparent, and inclusive processes that encourage well represented input from relevant stakeholders who possess the information required to present their views effectively.

  • Integrity

    We make objective and well-reasoned decisions and we treat stakeholders with dignity and respect.

  • Responsiveness

    We deliver efficient regulation, aligned with all relevant legislation and regulations and government policies, that considers the business needs of regulated entities and the public interest.

  • Innovation

    We continually strive to develop new efficiencies and innovative solutions in our internal operations and regulatory processes.

  • Excellence

    We support Staff and Commissioners to excel in performance and create a culture for leadership.

About the BCUC

Learn more about the BCUC, who we regulate, and how we ensure British Columbians receive safe, reliable energy, and basic auto insurance at fair rates.

The BCUC team is made up of Staff and Commissioners.

Commissioners are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. They make evidence-based decisions on matters within the BCUC’s jurisdiction. BCUC Staff facilitate the regulatory process and support Commissioners as they make decisions.


The BCUC’s history as an economic regulator dates back to 1938, when the Public Utilities Commission was first established. The BCUC's current mandate was established in 1980 with the introduction of the Utilities Commission Act, making us over 40 years old.


What We Do

You’ve learned about who we are, but do you know what the BCUC does? Find out what we are responsible for and who we regulate on the Our Role page.

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