Natural Gas Customer Choice Program

The Natural Gas Customer Choice Program offers consumers the freedom to choose whether they would like to purchase their natural gas from an independent gas marketer or FortisBC.

Independent gas marketers offer natural gas at long-term fixed prices, while FortisBC offers natural gas at variable, market based rates that may change as often as four times a year.

The BCUC licences and oversees the activities of gas marketers and has established a Code of Conduct for Gas Marketers and Rules for Gas Marketers.

How to Dispute a Contract with a Gas Marketing Company

The BCUC has a process for customers who wish to dispute the validity of a contract with a gas marketer. To dispute a contract, please file a dispute through FortisBC’s website or by calling FortisBC at 1-888-224-2710. For more information on the dispute process, please visit FortisBC’s website and/or refer to the Dispute Guidelines. If you have already gone through the dispute resolution process, and are seeking reconsideration of a decision, please see the BCUC’s Dispute Reconsideration Guidelines.

How to File a Complaint about a Gas Marketing Company

The BCUC also reviews complaints about the conduct or activities of a gas marketing company. Please see instructions below for filing a complaint about a gas marketer.

To view more information on natural gas marketers, please select one of the following:

List of Licenced Gas Marketers