Utility and ICBC Complaint Process

The BCUC commonly receives complaints and inquiries about regulated energy utilities, as well as complaints regarding ICBC’s basic automobile insurance rates.

Some examples of the types of complaints we handle are:

  • Disconnection matters
  • Billing issues
  • Metering and meter reading
  • Application of standard charges and rates
  • Tariff related customer service matters
  • Power reliability
  • Maintenance of power lines, equipment, etc.
  • Information requests about service or regulation
  • Compliance with the Utilities Commission Act and BCUC directives
  • Common Carrier matters

For more comprehensive and detailed information on the BCUC’s customer complaints process, please review our Complaints Guide.

How to File a Complaint about a Utility/ICBC

What We Don’t Do

From time to time, the BCUC receives complaints from customers about issues that are beyond our jurisdiction. Some examples of these issues include:

  • BC Hydro’s Smart Metering and Infrastructure Program
  • Requests for financial compensation for damages
  • Social service matters including financial assistance or relief
  • Landlord/ tenant issues between non-regulated parties
  • Internal company customer service policies
  • Wording on bills
  • Communication materials (i.e. letters, important notices, flyers, etc.)
  • Non-tariff customer service issues
  • Complaints about sewer, water, and/or telecommunications

If you contact us about a complaint that is not within our jurisdiction, we will attempt to refer you to the appropriate organizations, if possible.