Mandatory Reliability Standards

The 2007 British Columbia Energy Plan stated that, because our transmission system is part of a much larger, interconnected grid, we need to work with other jurisdictions to maximize the benefits of interconnection, remain consistent with evolving North American reliability standards, and ensure British Columbia's infrastructure remains capable of meeting customer needs.

To address this need, the Provincial Government amended the Utilities Commission Act by adding Section 125.2 giving the BCUC jurisdiction to adopt reliability standards for application in British Columbia and made the Mandatory Reliability Standards Regulation which describes the parties that are subject to adopted reliability standards.

In response to annual Assessment Reports from the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, the BCUC approves Reliability Standards for adoption in BC. Order R-12-17 adopted the latest version of the Rules of Procedure, Registration Manual, Compliance Monitoring Program and Penalty Guidelines for reliability standards in British Columbia. The Western Electricity Coordinating Council was appointed by the BCUC as Administrator to assist the BCUC in carrying out the registration of parties and compliance monitoring.