Ratepayers in British Columbia are at the heart of what we do.

The BCUC regulates BC’s energy utilities, the Insurance Corporation of BC’s basic automobile insurance rates, common carrier pipeline operations and rates, and the reliability of the electrical transmission grid. In March 2020, we were also named the Administrator of BC’s Fuel Price Transparency Act.

We make objective, well-reasoned, evidence-based decisions that are legally binding. We facilitate fair, transparent, and inclusive processes, and we value input from all British Columbian ratepayers.

About the BCUC

Learn more about the BCUC, who we regulate, and how we ensure British Columbians receive safe, reliable energy, and basic auto insurance at fair rates.

What We Regulate

Visit our entity map to see a list of entities we regulate and their business details. BCUC’s activities include regulating BC’s:

  • Energy utilities

    Regulating public energy utilities within its jurisdiction by reviewing their rate applications, construction plans for new facilities, energy supply contracts, and issuance of securities

  • Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) basic automobile insurance

    Certifying that ICBC’s basic automobile insurance rates are set in an adequate, efficient, just, and reasonable manner

  • Common carrier pipelines

    Regulating the financial side of common carrier energy pipelines, including tolls and the conditions for using the service of pipelines

  • Natural Gas Customer Choice Program

    Licensing and overseeing the activities of gas marketers, reviews, and responds to gas marketing disputes and complaints

  • Mandatory Reliability Standards (MRS)

    Keeping the electric transmission grid in BC reliable and secure by overseeing MRS and supervising regulated entities’ activities so they adopt and are in compliance with standards

Visit our Entity Map

We ensure you receive safe, reliable energy, and basic auto insurance at fair rates.

We balance the needs of ratepayers with the needs of the regulated entities to earn a fair return on their capital investments.

What We Oversee

BCUC’s areas of oversight also include:

  • Administrator of BC’s Fuel Price Transparency Act

    Collecting and publishing information on GasPricesBC.ca about gas and diesel fuel activities in BC to promote competitiveness, and public confidence in the competitiveness of the fuel market

  • Compliance

    Monitoring regulated entities to make sure they follow BCUC orders and directions and follow governing legislation

  • Complaints

    Reviewing questions and complaints from the public about the actions of regulated entities

Proceedings in Progress

To learn more about the work that’s underway at the BCUC, please visit our Proceedings page.

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