The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) is responsible for regulating BC’s energy utilities.

We ensure customers have access to safe, reliable energy service rates, while allowing the utility the opportunity to earn a fair return on its investment.

The BCUC regulates public energy utilities within its jurisdiction by:

  1. Approving rate applications

    The BCUC must review and approve public utility rates before they can be lawfully charged to customers. More information about the BCUC's role can be found in our Setting Utility Rates fact sheet.

  2. Determining a fair rate of return

    Utility rates reviewed and approved by the BCUC must include a fair rate of return. This represents the allowed earnings (or return on equity) for the utility’s shareholder for their invested capital. The BCUC reviews and determines a fair rate of return for its regulated utilities typically through cost of capital proceedings, which take place every few years. Information about these can be found in the 2009, 2013, 2016, and 2021 proceedings. To learn more about this, visit our How Utilities Make Money fact sheet.

  3. Approving construction and operation of facilities

    A public utility may require approval from the BCUC before building, enhancing, or operating a plant, system, or extension by applying for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN). In the review of these projects, the BCUC considers whether the project is needed and that the project is in the public interest.

  4. Accepting energy supply contracts

    Public utilities must file their contracts to purchase energy from a third party to the BCUC for our acceptance. If the BCUC determines that the energy supply contract is in the public interest, the contract may be accepted for filing without a hearing. If the BCUC initially determines that the contract may not be in the public interest, the BCUC initiates a public hearing process.

  5. Supervising public utility activities

    The BCUC keeps informed about the activities of public utilities for the safety and convenience of the public. We do this by monitoring changes to their capital structure, sales and purchases of properties or resources, building of infrastructure, and equipment they use. We also ensure public utilities are in compliance with BCUC orders and directions and legislation or regulations.

What is a public utility?

Persons or organizations in BC who own or operate equipment or facilities for the production, generation, storage, transmission, sale, delivery or provision of energy for compensation to light, heat, cool or power to your home or business.

What do they do?

Public utilities deliver energy to your home or business. They generally produce, store and/or transmit energy. They also deal with a power outage or emergency, and read your meters.

How can I learn more about public utilities?

Learn more by reading our What is Energy Utility Regulation Fact Sheet.

Energy Utilities We Actively Regulate

The BCUC regulates the following energy utilities:

See list of energy utilities

Utility Name Utility Type
3CP Energy Utility Company Limited (3CP Energy)Stream A Thermal Energy System
ATCO Electric Limited (ATCO)Electricity
Big White Gas Utility Limited (Big White)Gas (Propane)
British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro)Electricity
Cal-Gas Incorporated (Owned by Superior Propane)Gas
Connect Thermal Energy Solutions Incorporated (Connect)Stream A Thermal Energy System
Corix Multi-Utility Services Incorporated (Corix)Electricity, Propane, Stream A and B Thermal Energy Systems
Creative Energy Vancouver Platforms Incorporated (Creative Energy)Stream A and B Thermal Energy Systems
FortisBC Alternative Energy ServicesStream A and B Thermal Energy Systems
FortisBC Energy IncorporatedNatural Gas
FortisBC IncorporatedElectricity
Hemlock Utility Services Limited (Hemlock)Electricity
Kyuquot Power Limited (Kyuquot)Electricity
Lake Okanagan ResortElectricity
Nelson HydroElectricity
Onni Group (Onni)Stream A Thermal Energy System
Pacific Northern Gas Limited Gas (Propane) and Natural Gas
Resort Gas Limited (Resort Gas)Gas (Propane)
River District Energy Limited Partnership Stream B Thermal Energy System
Shannon Estates Utility Limited (Shannon Estates)Stream B Thermal Energy System
Silversmith Power and Light Corporation (Silversmith)Electricity
Superior Propane (Superior - Seascapes)Gas (Propane)
Sustainable Services Limited (SSL)Stream A and B Thermal Energy Systems
TAB Utility Corporation (TAB Utility)Stream A Thermal Energy System

Proceedings and Decisions

The BCUC conducts public, open, and transparent review processes of the applications it receives from regulated energy utilities. To see open and closed energy utility proceedings, please see our Proceedings page. For a list of the BCUC’s decisions on energy utility applications, please visit our Orders and Decisions page.

Get Involved

We invite the public to participate in our proceedings by requesting Intervener status, submitting Letters of Comment, or subscribing to a proceeding.

Get Involved

Complaint Process

We handle complaints and inquiries about the utilities we regulate. To file a complaint about a regulated energy utility, please see our Complaint Process.

File a Utility Complaint