The BCUC reviews applications and complaints through open and transparent proceedings.

The following chart shows the phases in a typical BCUC review process. However, the review process may differ depending on the nature of the application or complaint.

  • Proceeding Initiated

    Proceedings can be initiated by an application from a regulated entity, a customer complaint, or the BCUC.

  • Panel Appointed

    A panel of BCUC commissioners are appointed to the proceeding. Commissioners determine the review process a proceeding will follow. They review evidence. adjudicate, and make decisions on matters within their jurisdiction.

  • Process Determined

    BCUC commissioners determine an appropriate regulatory review process, which may include a written or oral hearing, streamlined review, negotiated settlement, or a combination of these processes.

  • Evidence Gathering*

    Evidence is gathered from the applicant making a case to the Panel, and may include information requests, workshops, interveners, witness testimony, and community input sessions. Letters of comment from the public are also welcome.

  • Arguments from those involved*

    Parties involved in the proceeding may submit arguments to BCUC commissioners.

  • Deliberation

    BCUC commissioners review the evidence and arguments before making a decision.

  • Decision

*may not occur in each proceeding.

Get Involved in our Process

We value input from all British Columbians into our processes, as we want to ensure all views are represented when making decisions. Check out the ways you can get involved.

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