Regulated entities are responsible for complying with BCUC orders, rules, codes of conduct, regulations, and relevant legislation.

We ensure regulated entities carry out their activities in accordance with their regulatory obligations under the Utilities Commission Act.

BCUC Oversight

The BCUC is responsible for ensuring ratepayers receive safe, reliable energy, and basic auto insurance services at fair rates from the entities it regulates. To fulfill this mandate, our compliance oversight includes:

Compliance filings

As part of the BCUC’s ongoing oversight of regulated utilities, the BCUC may require utilities to submit compliance filings in accordance with certain BCUC orders. The BCUC tracks and reviews a wide variety of compliance filings that include; capital progress, annual, financial, reliability, and safety reports. These filings allow the BCUC to keep itself informed, ensure a utility is following the prescribed orders and decisions, and can offer a snapshot of the utility’s financial health, projects, and operations.

Regulated utilities tariffs

We review and accept utility tariffs to ensure they are in accordance with the approvals granted by the BCUC and that they address the terms and conditions for the utility customers. We also investigate and determine whether regulated entities are complying with its Tariffs by using the BCUC’s Complaints Process.

Independent gas marketers

We oversee independent gas marketers to confirm they are complying with their licensing requirements, and the code of conduct and rules of the Natural Gas Customer Choice Program.

Status of public utilities

The BCUC investigates entities that are selling electricity and natural gas to determine if they are a public utility that should be regulated in accordance with the UCA.