Our Role

We are a regulatory agency of the Provincial Government, operating under and administering the Utilities Commission Act.

As a quasi-judicial body, the BCUC has the power to make legally binding rulings on matters within our jurisdiction, such as a regulated entity’s:

  • Rate or premium applications
  • New facility construction plans
  • Issuance of securities

Our areas of oversight include:

Natural Gas Markets
Natural Gas utilities
Electricity Markets
Electricity utilities
Intraprovincial Pipelines
Intra-provincial pipelines

Under the Oil and Gas Activities Act, the BCUC establishes tolls and conditions of service for intraprovincial oil pipelines.

Universal Compulsory Automobile Insurance
Universal compulsory automobile insurance

We are responsible for ensuring customers receive safe, reliable services at fair rates from the entities we regulate. We balance that responsibility against the need to ensure utilities are afforded a reasonable opportunity to earn a fair return on their invested capital.

In addition to our regulatory responsibilities, the BCUC reviews ratepayers’ complaints and inquiries about regulated entities within our jurisdiction.