Fuel Price Transparency Act

In November 2019, the BC government created BC's Fuel Price Transparency Act (FPT Act). The FPT Act requires companies in the fuel (gasoline and diesel) industry in BC to report information and data on their activities.

BCUC’s Role

In March 2020, the BC government designated the BCUC as the Administrator of the FPT Act. As the Administrator, the BCUC is responsible for collecting data to promote market competitiveness, and public confidence in the competitiveness of the market. The BCUC does not regulate fuel prices in British Columbia. More information about the Administrator duties are outlined in the FPT Act.

The BCUC launched GasPricesBC.ca to provide the public with more information about the factors that influence fuel prices in BC.

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BCUC Administrator Activities

The BCUC is committed to keeping you advised of recent news, communications, and data that is received related to fuel prices in BC.

In August 2020, the BC government announced the FPT Regulations in Order in Council No. 474/20. The regulations require fuel importers, wholesalers, terminal owners/operators, and those who supply fuel to retail dealers to submit regular reports to the BCUC starting in November 2020. The BC government also issued a Special Direction to the BCUC in August 2020, requiring retail dealers of reportable fuels to submit data to the BCUC as part of a retail data collection pilot (Retail Pilot).

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Current Proceedings

The BCUC is conducting a public hearing process to develop a framework that will determine confidentiality and treatment of protected information submitted under the FPT Act. The framework aims to establish a consistent approach for the BCUC to determine whether certain fuel data submitted by those in the wholesale and retail fuel industry should be kept confidential or made publicly available.

Upcoming Workshops

The BCUC is hosting two oral workshops in Vancouver, BC to provide an opportunity for parties to explain their position on Framework Draft No. 2, and for the BCUC Panel and Staff to ask questions regarding the submissions received to date. Parties involved in the proceeding can participate in the workshops and the public is invited to listen live.

Parties wishing to participate must confirm their attendance by Tuesday, August 3, 2021.

Workshop Details

Thursday, August 5, 2021, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Pacific Time
Thursday, August 12, 2021, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Pacific Time

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Non-Compliance Hearings

The BCUC has not received reporting forms from the following companies in accordance with the FPT Regulations and has established a written hearing process for their potential non-compliance. For more information about these hearings, please click the link(s) below:

Archived Proceedings



Date Issued Description Document
September 20, 2021 The August 2021 FPT Act Newsletter provides an update on the gasoline and diesel fuel market in BC. This edition includes information about fuel pricing and fuel margin changes over the last month, as well as key information about the fuel supply chain in BC and updates on the BCUC’s activities as FPT Act Administrator. August 2021 FPT Act Newsletter
March 5, 2021 The BCUC released its first Fuel Market Report, which provides staff observations about fuel pricing behaviour in specific geographical areas of BC, as part of a fuel price data collection project. BCUC Fuel Market Report

BCUC Communications with Reporting Companies

Date Issued Communication Description Document
November 17, 2020 The BCUC issues a letter advising all retail dealers of the short Retail Station Survey that they are required to complete regarding each of their retail station(s) in BC. Retail Pilot Retail Station Survey Letter
September 18, 2020 The BCUC issues a letter to retail dealers in BC, advising them of the Special Direction and upcoming information sessions. BCUC Engagement for Retail Pilot Letter
September 9, 2020 The BCUC issued a letter to those in the wholesale industry, advising them of the FPT regulations and upcoming information sessions. OIC No. 474/20 Reporting Requirements Letter
March 16, 2020 The BCUC issued a letter to companies in the fuel (oil and gas) industry in BC, advising them of the FPT Act and our role as Administrator. L-9-20-BCUC-FPTA-Additional-Information-to-Stakeholders

BC Government Communications

Date Issued Description Document
August 14, 2020 The special direction from the BC government outlines how the BCUC, as Administrator of the FPT Act, will require fuel data from retailer dealers of reportable fuels for the purposes of a retail data collection pilot. Special Direction, Section 4 of FPT Act
August 14, 2020 The BC government establishes new mandatory reporting requirements for the wholesale market in accordance with the Fuel Price Transparency Act. View Order in Council 474
May 25, 2020 The BC government announces they will be undertaking consultation with fuel industry stakeholders in BC, beginning June 1, 2020. BC government Fuel Price Transparency Act Consultation
March 9, 2020 The BC government created Order in Council 123 designating the BCUC as the Administrator of the Fuel Price Transparency Act. View Order in Council 123